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W 25 Ram Air Hood for the Johan 70 Olds 442 Kit

1/25th Scale

Part # FAB-25505

Price $18.99

Plus Shipping

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FAB Resinworks 1970 W-25 Ram Air Hood for the Vintage Johan Oldsmobile 442 Kit in 1/25th Scale

1941 Plymouth Pro-Mod Conversion Body

Version 2 is Now Available!

Part # FAB-25501

Price $28.99

Plus Shipping

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Donor Kit shown below

Purchased separately

I have a few of these kits available I am interested in the Jukebox Ford and checking on availability and price


FAB Resinworks 1941 Plymouth Pro-Mod Conversion Body.  Included in the Kit are the Body, Hood Scoop, Original Head Light Buckets and Clear Lens.  The donor kit for the chassis required is the Revell 1955 Jukebox Ford, Kit number RMX4036 or Revell 7436

1/35th Scale Helicopter Engine Rotor Transmission

fits the Academy Blackhawk

Part # FAB-35001

Price $9.95

Plus Shipping

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Donor Kit shown

Purchased Separately

from Section 8 Hobbies

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FAB Resinworks Our first helicopter piece is this very nicely done H-60 Hawk series transmission piece to fill the detail void under the cowling on Academy’s 1/35 Hawk models. The piece was mastered by Joe “Mother” Szczygiel is very nice and is packaged in a zip-lock bag attached to a heavy cardstock backer piece printed with all pertinent information. Click here for More info

FAB 24001 1925 Pro Comp Roadster Body 

1/24-1/25th Scale

Part # FAB-24001

Price $14.99

Plus Shipping

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FAB Resinworks 1925 Ford Pro Comp roadster based off the Blown on Gas Salemi Drag car. This car frequently raced at the legendary Lancaster Speedway back in the late 70's and 80's. Jim Salemi was noted for his long smoky burnouts and quick ET's.  This resin body comes with a separate radiator grill support.  The finished model is for display only, you will only get the body and radiator support.  All you need is an old style funny car chassis to complete this build.

AUTOMOTIVE 1/24 - 1/25th SCALE

FAB 24001 1925 Pro Comp Roadster Body 

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FAB 24002 1/24 1/25 Ford 9" Rear End  

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FAB 24003 1/24 - 1/25 Chevy Small Block Valve Covers  

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FAB 24004 1/24 - 1/25 Four Link Rear Suspension

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FAB 24005 1/24 Mailbox Blower Scoop OOP Temporarily


FAB 24006 1/24 Ford Power Brake Unit

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FAB 24007 1/24 Chevy Power Brake Unit Temporarily OOP


FAB 24008 1/24 Chrysler Crossover Manifold
FAB 24009 1/24 Fuel Tank
FAB 24010 1/24 Drive Shaft U-joints
FAB 24011 1/24 Racing Style Rear End
FAB 24012  1/24 Ford Racing Headers

FAB 24013  1/24 Small Electric Cooling Fans (2)

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FAB 24014  Holley 600 cfm and 750 cfm  four Barrel Carburetors 2 sets 

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FAB 24015R  Early retro style Police Gumball fits any Police or Rescue Vehicle, separate clear red dome 2pcs each   Buy Now                                                                   

Click picture to enlarge


FAB 24015B    Early retro style Police Gumball fits any Police or Rescue Vehicle, separate clear blue dome 2pcs each  

Out of Stock                                                                     


FAB 24015Y    Early retro style Police Gumball fits any Plow Truck or Rescue Vehicle, separate clear yellow dome 2pcs each 

 Temporarily OUT of Stock                                                                  


FAB 24017  DANA Rear Axle with 1 Ton Springs. Axle has a reinforcing brass rod down the middle.

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FAB 24018   DANA Rear Axle NO Springs

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FAB 24019   NASCAR Style Rear Axle

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FAB 24020   Holly Dominator 4 BBL Carbs (2)

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FAB 24030  Dropped Front Axle GASSER

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FAB 24040   Revell 1967 Chevy Camaro  Strato Bench Seat w/ Armrest 1/24th 25th

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FAB 25042

1967 Chevy Camaro SS Hideaway Front Grill

Fits Revell  #85-4936

1/24th 25th Scale

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FAB 25002

1967 Chevy Camaro Stock Hood fits New Revell Kit# 85-4936

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FAB 25001  1/25  1967 Chevy Impala Stock Hood

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FAB 32003

1/32 Albatross Seat Cushions (2)


FAB 35001

1/35 Blackhawk Main Rotor Transmission

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Here is our first product finished.  This is what started it all to get this venture started.  Browse the site you may find something you like.  The body and core support is available for sale.  If you are interested we also have the mailbox bug catcher.  We were thinking about casting up the front and rear wings, please send us an email if you would like to see these products available.

We just finished the first mock up of the cross ram manifold,  this piece will fit on most V-8 blocks.  You will get the Heads, Intake manifold, two 4 BBL Carbs, and two Velocity stacks.  Pictures coming soon !!!!

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